Gay Vacation Spots In England

By Howie Holben

England offers a vast array of gay tours for singles and couples, which is one of the reasons that it continually remains among the most popular gay travel destinations in the world. With a highly visible lesbian and gay community, numerous gay events throughout the year and a much greater equality than that given to the LGBT community in the U.S., England is the perfect setting for gay vacations. Between the enticing London club scene, the restful shores of Brighton, the beautiful English countryside and the diverse urban landscapes, gay travel tourists of all kinds will delight in the gay vacation options that England provides.

Old Compton Street and the Soho district of London is the center of gay and lesbian life and is a must-see for any gay or lesbian traveler on a gay vacation to England. With a multitude of gay bars, businesses, restaurants and clubs, Soho has the most active, visible gay community in England. Soho is also centrally located near many of Londons landmarks and world-famous neighborhoods, such as Chelsea, Kensington, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Covent Garden. Plus, thanks to an expansive public transportation system, all of Londons offerings are easily accessible from this gay neighborhood. For travelers heading north, Manchester has another large gay and lesbian community, including a gay village around Canal Street that offers numerous gay bars, pubs and clubs.

For seaside gay holidays, Brighton, aka Soho by the Sea, is home to the countrys second largest gay and lesbian community. Stroll along the pier, spend an afternoon on the famous pebble beach and explore the many unique boutiques and shops before heading to Kempton for dinner and a night on the town in this popular gay neighborhood in Brighton. Newcastle Gateshead is yet another gay-friendly option for a gay vacation in England and offers a bit of style and sophistication with a thriving gay scene complete with a gay village full of bars, clubs, cafs and pubs.

Gay men and lesbians will find gay-friendly lodgings in every region of England, including some options that are exclusively for the gay travel community or only gay men. If you are working with a travel agency that is accustomed to organizing gay vacations in England, your travel agent will be able to guide you to the gay-friendly hotel, bed and breakfast or other lodging option that best suits your needs. If you are interesting in roughing it during your gay vacation to England, there are also gay-owned and gay-friendly campsites available, such as the gay-owned Out in the Open campground in Cornwall and Brighthouse Farm in Suffolk, which has six acres of farmland for camping, as well as self-catering accommodations and a bed and breakfast.

Gay vacations planned with the assistance of a professional travel agency dedicated to arranging gay holidays is sure to be one of the greatest vacations of your life. - 30656

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Myspace Dating - 7 Tips To Help You Get Dates On Myspace

By Damian Jackson

Myspace dating is straightforward if you understand what you're doing! Meeting attractive babes on Myspace is an occasion you ought to not waste as there are millions of ladies on this site. But you need to make your profile pleasing before you start messaging gorgeous babes.

Here are several tips for Myspace dating that will present you an intense edge.

1. Obtain photos of you among pretty ladies! Keep in mind, when you message a lady that you don't know, the earliest thing she will consider is why are you messaging her! Alarm bells will chime! If you have pictures on your profile of you with attractive, good-looking women either nonphysical or more then she will be more likely to trust you!

2. Your profile image ought to ideally be of you with a pretty woman who is joyful and having excitement in your company. You surely need a few of these on your hard drive that you can exploit!

3. If you have photos of you with an ex, then leave them on your profile, never remove them! You need to demonstrate that ladies desire you and that you can be trusted. These 3 points are every one similar although incredibly imperative!

4. By no means show your relationship status! If you volunteer that you are unattached then you are making it clear why you're messaging her! Besides if she asks then that is an clear indicator of interest from her!

5. Get a number of interesting pastime photographs! For instance; rock climbing, dancing, surfing or any extreme sports! Demonstrate that you are a cool, fun and attractive man!

6. Erase any downbeat wall posts. You ought to show that you are not for all time Myspace dating but you do have a life outside of the internet. If your mates are inviting you round to compete on the Xbox then you need to obliterate it!

7. Get a number of helpful wall posts. The most excellent ones are wall posts from your accessible attractive female friends ideally asking you over for a catch up etc. - 30656

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The Money Side Of Things For Gay Couples

By Howie Holben

Gay couples pay more money. That is more than just a simple statement. Over the average lifetime of a gay couple, they will spend more money than any heterosexual couple. There are all kinds of arguments that can be made by anti-gay groups and individuals, but the truth of the matter is that gay couples pay into all of the systems nearly twice as much as heterosexual couples do.

The most obvious cost is taxes. Until the federal government legalizes sex-sex marriage, the taxes that a gay couple pays out will always be higher than those of a heterosexual couple. The exact amount will differ depending on what state that they reside in. Of course, since they can't file as a married couple they can't provide the same tax credits to their families. When it comes to how they file, how they claim children as dependents, and how they can file for their deductions, many gay couples end up paying at least three quarters more per household.

It's a great leap forward when companies voluntarily offer same sex partner benefits. Those benefits are, however, considered income and are taxed when the benefits of a married couple are not. Both partners have to supply medical coverage on their own. It can get pretty sticky when filing taxes if one partner paid for all or part of another's health care.

Legal fees are also another avenue when gay couples have to find more funds to live within "normal" society. For monetary and parental protection many have to outline their rights in legal documents especially when children are involved. The simple act of being together for some gay couples means that they must pay hundreds to thousands of dollars in legal fees just in case something happens later in life.

Naturally, the expenses associated with having children are significantly higher than it is for most hetero couples. Sure, the argument about how we shouldn't have children could interjected, but this isn't about right or wrong. This is just a factual account of modern same sex couple-hood. Just getting pregnant can run higher than $75,000 for the average couple who doesn't conceive within the first six months.

Later in life, domestic partners cannot collect any death benefits from Social Security. When it comes to pensions, it is up to the deceased partner's company to decide if they will pay anything to the surviving partner.

Children who are not biologically related to one parent will find that they can not expect their abilities to make medical decisions for their parent without appropriate paperwork. Likewise, the same can be said for minor children under the care of their non-biological parent. Second parent adoptions help to clear up these issues, but few states permit them. A non-biological parent can still be held accountable for the medical bills.

We have all heard all of the arguments that state that if we aren't satisfied then we can change, or something like that. It's quite interesting that while we are typically required to pay twice as much for life's needs and wants, our money is perfectly acceptable. When it comes to enforcing those needs and wants, acceptable is not the word that comes to mind. - 30656

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Flirtation for Ladies

By Ingrid Topper

A woman attracts a man using both skill and some elements of luck. She must have luck because by nature, men and women have variable tastes, so whether a man will respond to her depends on his peculiar personality. She must have skill also, because her behavior will no doubt have an impact on how things turn out between them. Chance is not controllable, but honing and improving her understanding of managing men is an acquired technique.

Before a relationship and after one has formed lies a period where a woman uses her talents to draw in the man. This period is commonly known as the flirting phase. In general, flirting is an ongoing process that continually occurs between the genders. There are several reasons for this. First, as humans, we rely on opportunities of social interaction to practice these skills. It's natural to expect that one or both parties of a conversation will engage in flirting if there are no strong prohibitions against it. Second, flirting has become to be seen as a natural social lubricant to facilitate communication, as long as it's conducted in a benign, respectful way.

The basic components of flirting lie in three things: non-verbal communication through eyes and other facial expressions, use of physical space and dress, and verbal cues or elements. Before any contact has even happened, a woman must use subtler means of initiating contact, mostly through visual rather than verbal cues. After initial contact has been reached, she will need to be presentable in dress and the way she carries herself. Finally, how she speaks and what she says, including both verbal and nonverbal patterns of communication, will have an impact on the success of flirting.

Establishing contact is mainly done through skillful use of eye contact on the part of the woman. Imagine that she is with her friends, and around her inner circle, there are many other people. First, she needs to show passing but casual interest in her surroundings. As she looks around, the man will notice her line of vision. If she's interested in the man, she can stop her eyes on him briefly, just a big longer than anything else she's looking at. An astute man will understand the signal and follow it by approaching the woman. For others she may need to repeat the process once or twice. After that, it's likely she's run into the problem of chance and the man is simply not her type.

After contact has been initiated and conversation begins, a woman should take advantage of her control over spatial orientation and positioning. By this it's meant that she should orient her body and face to the direction of the man, and pull her arms away from her front. These actions indicate that she will open up to the man to test the waters. In particularly, should she be with a group of girl friends, she should just so slightly turn away from them to show that she's happy to spend some time with the man at their expense.

Flirting cannot occur in a vacuum. If a woman has poor choice of dress, cosmetics and messy hair, she is setting herself up for a more difficult task for meeting men. Imagine a woman who comes to a party dressed in very casual wear like track pants and running shoes. Not only is she out of place, she's signaling to everyone that she really doesn't care about attracting men and may in fact already be in a relationship. These small considerations for looking good don't matter in the long run, but are crucial as the tiny factors that add up to successful flirting.`

In summary, the things over which a woman has control should be emphatically practiced. She can ensure that she is dressed right and looks appropriate for the occasion, and exert her nonverbal and verbal cues at the right times. With practice she will be able to increasingly improve her chances of attracting guys she wants. - 30656

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Planning A Gay Romantic Getaway For Two

By Howie Holben

When you are planning gay romantic getaways for two, the question comes up about choosing a destination. Do you plan a destination based solely on its merits or do you go through a structured getaway because it caters to the GLBT community? There are different answers with different benefits and drawbacks.

Planning a gay romance getaway for two can either be inspired by the desire to fulfill a wish like surprising your partner with that special trip they've always wanted, or it can be about spending time together. When it's about spending time away from home and responsibilities, going through a structured getaway for gay travel can be a great idea. It simply gives you more freedom and it gives you options.

You can have a lot of fun on your own provided that you did your research. Making sure that the country and its laws are gay friendly is highly recommended and that you get a feel for whether or not you're likely to be left alone so you can get on with your business. Once you know these things then you can plan out the perfect getaway for the two of you.

What are you hoping to gain from booking this particular vacation? When you think of romance what are you thinking of and what does your partner think of? There can be plenty of romance in fun and adventure just as there is romance in sweet and subdued. Sometimes staying in your hotel room for the entire vacation can be very romantic, provided that it is your choice.

Structured packages give you a chance to find some of the most impressive destinations. You can not only find incredibly fun things to do but you will most likely experience the freedom that you just can't find anywhere else. There is no need to steal glances, remain a respectable distance apart, or refer to each other as "friends." You get to be completely and totally yourself. You can even explore the different sides of who you are and you can do it without fear. That type of freedom is something very few of us get to live with.

Naturally when you think of a romantic gay trip you think of a gay cruise. They are becoming tremendously popular. While not your only choice, these are trips that are seriously fun and cool and should be experienced by all of us at least once in our lives. If you haven't been on one yet, add it to your list of things to do.

You can take a safari or you can end up on a romantic island. You can go off exploring other countries and you can find themed vacation for your and your partner. Sometimes making a gay romantic getaway turns into nothing more than the ability to be romantic. Yet you have to admit the scenery can add quite a bit to the romantic ambiance.

In today's world it is hard enough to plan a gay romantic travel that gives you the privacy and the freedom you're going to want. Sometimes you want to actually take the romance outside of the hotel room and into the world. Structured gay vacations give you that very simple but extremely valuable option. - 30656

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Dating with Herpes

By Jayde Johanssen

You have just returned from your doctor's office, and the test results confirm what you already knew: a herpes diagnosis. Take some time to adjust to the thought that you'll carry herpes for the duration of your life, but remember, this certainly isn't anything that will stop you from leading a fulfilling existence. People that carry the herpes virus aren't different from anyone else. really, the only main thing to remember is that you have to be more careful when engaging in sex with a new partner.

First, we'll start with a bit of an introduction. Herpes is a virus that is transmitted when an infected person engages in sexual activity with a partner. It's important to note once more that, at least for the moment, herpes doesn't have a cure, and stays with the host for the rest of his or her life. Sporadically, the virus manifests itself into blisters and sores that can be itchy and irritable.

So how does this affect one's dating life? From the outset, you'll need to be honest with potential partners. Before any sexual activity at all occurs, make sure they fully understand how herpes works, what it does, and their risks of contracting the infection if they engage in sexual activity. You don't have to do this on the first date, but make sure to bring it up sooner, rather than later. That means not waiting until you're back at his (or her) place, ready to get it on. Pulling this kind of move will almost always result in an angry partner walking out the door, often not to return.

You may also want to consider looking into dating websites and services that advertise and provide service only to people who already have herpes. There are many benefits to going through this kind of medium: everything is right out there on the table, and you'll never have that potentially awkward moment of explaining herpes to your partner.

Folks with the herpes virus don't always show symptoms, but it's still crucial to let potential partners know the deal, regardless of whether you have sores or not at the time.

Some drugs control outbreaks, so you may want to check those out. While they might be prohibitively expensive, realize that you really can't put a price on your happiness.

Finally, make sure to always wear a condom or similar protection. While they're certainly not foolproof, they do go far in making sure that you stay safe. Herpes is only one of the STDs you need to worry about, so stay protected.

When everything's said and done, remember that the person you're meant to spend the rest of your life with will love without regard to whether you have herpes or not. This is only one bit of your life, and not something that needs to define you. - 30656

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Gay Travel To New Zealand

By Howie Holben

New Zealand offers an environmental and cultural diversity that has long been appealing to those that are gay and travel. There is little doubt that the appeal of New Zealand comes, in part, from laws that protect the LGBT community from discrimination and the warm, accepting attitudes of the populace, as well as the various adventures that New Zealand offers and its pristine natural beauty.

Folks in search of gay tours in New Zealand will find that there is no end to the possibilities, including relaxing on gorgeous beaches, skiing and snowboarding at several resorts, trekking through expanses of wilderness or partaking in the lively nightlife of many of New Zealand's cosmopolitan cities. Whether you are in search of a laidback family vacation on the shore, or a wild week of LGBT Pride celebrations, New Zealand is an exceptional option for gay vacations of all types.

Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and Christchurch are a few of New Zealand's larger cities that are home to thriving LGBT populations, a variety of Pride events and an array of pubs, clubs, restaurants and businesses that welcome the community. For travelers interested in a city-based gay vacation, these cities are great options that are sure to delight visitors looking for an exciting nightlife and numerous dining, entertainment and shopping opportunities. Travelers looking to fit a bit of snowboarding or skiing into their trip will be happy to know that both South Island and North Island have ski resorts, which allows for day trips to the snow in between touring historical sites, going to cultural events or traveling to some of the smaller islands of New Zealand.

A gay holiday in New Zealand can focus on lounging on perfect, clean beaches, snowboarding, skiing, partaking in exciting outdoor adventures for couples, families or friends, or taking the opportunity to awaken or renew your spirit in this beautifully spiritual land. New Zealand certainly offers too many sights, activities and experiences to squeeze into just one vacation; however traveling with a tour group on a well-organized gay vacation is one option that will ensure that you have an amazing experience and that you do not miss out on some of New Zealand's best offerings.

For folks who would rather travel solo, planning your trip through a gay adventure travel destinations agency is the best way to stay up to date on the latest LGBT goings-on, as well as current information that is helpful to the members of the LGBT community when traveling in New Zealand. - 30656

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